DUCK & COVER! Put Your Hands Behind Your Neck And Place Your Head Between Your Legs. Close Your Eyes, REPUBLICANS. And Kiss Your Asses “Good-Bye”… Special Counsel Powers Are Bringing Down Trump Towers.
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Watch: “WE DON’T SERVE FAGS”: Supreme Court Injustice: Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito & Neil Gorsuch Sell Souls. Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert Try To Sort Out The Mess We Are In. Donald Trump Rejoices, As The Civil Rights That We Have Enjoyed For 50 Years Are Sucked Away.

Watch: “REVERSE FREEDOM RIDES”: How Trump & DeSantis Are Pulling The Same Old White Segregationist Ploys” From 1962 through 2022, it seems that little has changed. Same old white supremacist, same old white segregationist, same old using of poor people as pawns and of course the political ploy of owning the Libs. As someone as versed in American history as Donald Trump, i’m surprised that he doesn’t know about the reverse freedom rides. Or, more likely, not only does he remember them – but he thought it was so so cool.
MAGA is strong with these two Scumbags.


ON A LIGHTER NOTE… Watch next: “Trump: A HORSE LOOSE IN A HOSPITAL Hilarious Bootleg Slideshow Mix, Illustrated (of sorts) by Zachariah Lone Star Liberal & Narrated By Comedy Genius John Mulaney!”

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Zachariah Lone Star Liberal
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